Our Work

You need a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family and good health. United Way of Cascade County believes that each of these areas together create the building blocks for a better life and in turn a better community.

In 2008, the United Way of Cascade County board unanimously voted to shift our work to focus on what we can do at a community-wide level to impact Great Falls. Board members and staff went out into the community and had conversations with more than 400 people to gather their opinions and ideas of how to make Cascade County a better place. We talked with neighborhood councils, faith based groups, student leaders, juvenile drug court youth and their parents and many other community members.

Time and time again, the community told us that we need to invest in education, help families become financially stable and improve the health of individuals in Great Falls. Without question, you told us that by focusing on education we can prevent many of the problems that touch our entire community. So that is where we began and what started as broad education goals has focused into a powerful partnership and the creation of the Graduation Matters initiative.

We're proud of our work in education and are seeing what we can do by investing our time and efforts in community impact. Now we're turning our attention to your other top priorities. To learn more about our work in each area -- education, income an health -- click on the following links.

Graduation Matters


Healthy Lives Vibrant Futures


Prosperity Matters