United Way Helps Americans Achieve Financial Stability

In Cascade County, one in seven people live in poverty -- for a family of three that means surviving on $19,090 a year. We know it takes twice that to support a family and that half of our neighbors don't earn a livable wage. For families walking a financial tightrope, unable to save for college, a home, or retirement, United Way is here to help.

Our Goals

  • Achieving Self Sufficient Income: To be self sufficient, a family needs to earn $38,000.
  • Establishing Assets: Greater income alone is not enough to move families out of poverty. Establishing and maintaining a checking and savings account is a key driver needed to meet financial goals.
  • Maintaining Manageable Expenses: When expenses are manageable, a family can begin saving toward big goals and building up emergency funds. Expenses are manageable when less than one third of your paycheck is spent on housing, less than one sixth is spent on transportation and childcare is affordable.

Our Strategy

With the Prosperity Matters initiative, United Way of Cascade County is partnering nonprofits and local stakeholders to help people move from poverty to financial stability. Together with Rural Dynamics, NeighborWorks and Opportunities Inc., we're building a network of professional and peer mentors to provide a circle of support for struggling families who want to improve their financial futures. And we're looking to develop an emergency fund, so that when someone's car battery dies they don't drop out of college to work extra hours to pay for it.

How You Can Help

Volunteer to be a peer or professional mentor. Donate to the Prosperity Matters emergency fund. We need your help, even if you don’t have an accounting background. Volunteer to make a difference.