Graduation Matters - ideas for educators


  • Create a Culture of High Expectations -- set the goal of a 100 percent graduation rate.
  • Incorporate college and career planning into classroom curriculum, provide scholarship and loan information and organize college tours and career fairs.
  • Identify and engage students at-risk of dropping out. Create an early warning system using indicators such as attendance, behavior and credit deficiency to identify at-risk students and create a strategy for re-engaging them.
  • Help kids understand the financial impact of dropping out.
  • Make sure every student has one caring adult in their life.
  • Identify and change policies that may prevent students from staying in school.
  • Invite in student voices – engage diverse perspectives on school climate and barriers to reaching graduation.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities that engage families and community partners at your school.
  • Be an advisor to a student group and incorporate service-learning activities into your curriculum.

To join the Graduation Matters leadership team, email Lacey Spencer. 

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